Популярные зарубежные журналы по архитектуре

Architect Magazine
Offers resources for the architecture professional, including industry news, blogs with an expert and fresh perspective, and a gallery of user-submitted designs.
сайт http://www.architectmagazine.com

Architect's Newspaper
Comprehensive source of information on the latest projects and commissions, unfolding politics and debate, current events and cultural developments related to architecture.
сайт  http://www.archpaper.com

Architectural Record
Editorial mix of design ideas and trends, building science, business strategies, exploration of key issues, news products and computer-aided practice.
сайт  http://archrecord.construction.com

Architecture Plus
Dubai-based leading region's architecture and design magazine.

сайт  http://www.arcplusonline.com

Architecture Week
Magazine of design and building, with news and features on architecture, construction, digital media, and building culture.
сайт  http://www.architectureweek.com

Magazine about design, architecture, art and interiors.
сайт  http://www.azuremagazine.com

Canadian Architect
Features articles on current practice, building technology, and social issues affecting architecture.
сайт  http://www.cdnarchitect.com

Contract Magazine
Devoted to commercial interior design and architecture in US.
сайт  http://www.contractmagazine.com


The only magazine dedicated to charting the continuing expansion of single-source delivery.
сайт  http://www.designbuildmag.com

Design Build Network

Web site for the design and build industry with information on current architecture and construction projects.
сайт  http://www.designbuild-network.com

Design Intelligence
Monthly journal designed for leaders involved in transformative processes improving the built nvironment and the design professions.
сайт  http://www.di.net

Environmental Design & Construction
Magazine devoted to green building industry.
сайт  http://www.edcmag.com

Frame Magazine
International magazine of interior architecture and design.
сайт  http://www.framemag.com

Harvard Design Magazine

Features essays, images, discussions, book reviews, and recent projects.
сайт  http://www.gsd.harvard.edu

Hinge Magazine

Architecture and design magazine from Hong Kong. In PDF format.
сайт  http://www.hingenet.com

UK-based monthly magazine focusing on the best buildings, interiors, furnishings and fittings.
сайт  http://www.icon-magazine.co.uk

Interiors and Sources
Magazine dedicated to critical commercial and residential interior design and architecture issues.

сайт  http://www.isdesignet.com

Italy-based international architecture magazine. Every issue faces a different topic, through the presentation of international projects, essays and the study of the relative standards.

сайт  http://www.materiamagazine.com

Metropolis Magazine
Examines contemporary life through design--architecture, interior design, product design, graphic design, crafts, planning, and preservation. Subjects range from the sprawling urban environment to intimate living spaces to small objects of everyday use.
сайт  http://www.metropolismag.com/cda

Residential Architect

Devoted exclusively to residential architects and designers.
сайт  http://www.residentialarchitect.com

Quality magazine featuring global architecture and building news, project reviews, eco products, brochure libraries, architect directory and architect profiles.
сайт  http://www.specifier.com.au

Traditional Building
Provides resources for commercial, civic, institutional, and religious building projects.
сайт  http://www.traditional-building.com

Volume 5
Art and architecture magazine featuring interviews and book reviews.

сайт  http://www.volume5.com