Каталог зарубежных профессиональных сайтов по вопросам дизайна. Перечень и ссылки

сайт посвященный вопросам графического и интерьерного дизайна (the Graphic Design or Interior Design).
сайт http://www.aboutdecorating.net

Art & design associations on the world wide web
"provides links to over 560 associations whose members are interested in variety of visual arts, architecture, design, and allied fields."

Art, Design and Visual Thinking
"An interactive textbook" by Charlotte Jirousek, supporting a course at Cornell University. There are four components: the language of design; media of design and the fine arts; the evolution of visual language in the modern era; non-western approaches to art and design.

Art and Design - Career and Employment
Hosted by the Department of Art and Design, Northern Michigan University. Offers a long list of sites which host job postings in the art field, as well as information on career planning, art and entrepreneurship, professional organizations and exhibition information.

информационный проект немецкого Союза производителей офисной мебели . На немецком и частично английском языках. (BSO  Verband deutscher Büro-, Sitz- und Objektmöbelhersteller The Society Office, Seat and Object furniture, BSO and its Communications Mouthpiece the German Office Furniture Forum, DBF )
сайт http://www.buero-forum.de

один из крупных информационных  порталов  по дизайну и архитектуре
сайт http://www.core77.com

большой информационный ресурс, включающий статьи, виртуальные выставки, перечни дизайнеров и изготовителей, ссылки, книги и т.д.
сайт  http://www.designaddict.com

большой электронный журнал о дизайне
сайт  http://www.designboom.com

крупный информационный ресурс для дизайнеров и потребителей дизайна
сайт http://www.design-engine.com

Design Library
A metasite providing links to sites in the areas of industrial design, graphic design, interaction design, environmental design, and schools and organizations.

A good site for general design information and business tips.
сайт  http://www.design-site.net

крупный развитый проект по вопросам дизайна 
сайт  http://www.digitalthread.com

Easy design engine. Top design firms, designers, resources, magazines, museums and more...
сайт   http://www.dovedesign.it

Dstrut concentrates on evolving visual entities and shows progression and self development.

EcoDesign Foundation
The EDF offers resources, forums and inspiration to design students and young design professionals interested in sustainability. The EDF is an incorporated not-for-profit association that exists to promote design-led change toward more sustainable ways of living and working. 

EcoDesign Website
канадский содержательный ресурс по различным вопросам дизайна и экологии (The EcoDesign Website is owned and operated by Penner & Associates Interior Design and Susan Morris Specifications Ltd.)
сайт  http://www.ecodesign.bc.ca

The Ecological Design Institute   (ecodesign.org)  The Ecological Design Institute and Van der Ryn Architects create innovative design solutions that link nature, culture and technology to reintegrate the needs of human society within the balance of nature.

Erodinamic Knowhow
On  this site, we would like to show you ways of counteracting this trend with ergonomically designed furnishings which can also be dynamically altered. Our body needs a change – especially when we work with concentration for long periods in front of a computer screen. Therefore, we should make sure that we are dynamically seated and it is especially for this reason that it makes sense to work when standing now and again.
сайт  http://www.ergodynamic.de

The World Wide Resource For LCA


A professional web tool for architects and interior designers. An online furniture catalog of information about top italian and international designers. Free download of 2d and 3d CAD files of these products off of the site.

Engineers Edge
Design and engineering resources, database and application data.

Fine-Art. Com
развитый интернет-сервер по вопросам искусства + поисковая система

сайт  http://www.fine-art.com

The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchadise 

Favourite Website Awards
A leading resource for Flash designers who are looking for inspiration or recognition. Includes a section of interviews with some of the world's leading designers, flash masters and motion graphics experts.

House of Design
Exclusive design for your home and office, Craftdesign and lots of (mainly dutch) designers and firms!.

IDEA Design Review
Italian design based site that has some interesting articles, if you read Italian. Also has a calendar, links and "Young Designers" section.

Ideamagazine.net,strategia / design / piccola impresa | strategy / design / small concern: the digital magazine on strategies, design and research for small

International Directory of Design 
Международная Директория Дизайна - портал по  разнообразным вопросам дизайна (содержательный и удобный)
сайт  http://www.penrose-press.com/IDD/org/index.html

IDSA publications:
The 2000 IDSA Compensation Study
The New Face of Design Business
Influence and Vision: A Corporate Design Group Study

Super high quality royalty free images from ex-Stone creative team

IMusuem is a new generation database. Its objective: to develop and promote the graphic design and object on Internet.

Industrial Design Network
More resources for industrial designers!

The online site of I.D. Magazine, "America's leading critical magazine covering the art, business and culture of design." The website version is a design competition showcase, presenting the winners of the Interactive Media Design Review and the Annual Design Review.

Interiors and Sources
interiors nexus- great news section and searchable database

ISO 9000 Translated into Plain English - by Praxiom Research
Our web site introduces the ISO 9000 product design standards. It discusses quality assurance requirements and guidelines, and much more.

small site as a design portal with cool site links

Creative consultancy with a great materials/gadget/idea subscription service.

Free experimental typefaces and dingbats, click 'type' and the Typ-O-Fish will guide you. Includes the TypeCam so you can see what type is doing right now

 is a highly respected source for design and engineering products, technology and reference information, for use in the field of design engineering, mechanical engineering and computer-aided engineering for the OEM, manufacturing industries.
сайт  http://www.machinedesign.com

Material ConneXion
Material ConneXion is the largest global resource for innovative materials. Material ConneXion's physical and virtual libraries house over 3000 samples. Our material experts offer market research, exhibit services and other business tools to help address a variety of material challenges.

сайт  http://www.materialconnexion.com

Metropolis Online
Architecture, design, and a changing world ... committed to the examination of contemporary life through the various design disciplines (architecture, interior design, product design, graphic design, crafts, planning and preservation)." The site offers events and exhibitions, conferences, the international contemporary furniture fair, and more. See especially the "Web Picks."

a fresh! design e-zine

the ultimate open web project

Olivier Blaser industrialdesign
Swiss excellency

Product Design online discussion @ eGroups
A new discussion group recently set up on eGroups.

Senses and Products
The site examines differences between recognition of sensory and emotional product attributes and the more difficult process of linking them to an overall product experience.

http://www.seemydesign.com/  Free helpful information related to the Living Room.

Tutorials, articles, fonts and more!

The Study of Design
The Study of Design brings you articles and resources for increasing your knowledge base of design fundamentals and techniques.

Value-Created Review Furniture design resources for contemporary designers and manufacturers listed by category and country of origin.

yo-yoll.net Magazine
A new italian web magazine about graphic, design, communication in the internet era

from GE, powerful new online digital swatches and downloadable shaders for industrial designers: stimulating creative sampling!

CA - Communication Arts Feature article, site of the week, resources, and a job page.

Design Canada "The online magazine for design professionals" featuring events calendar, features (spotlight on designers), and design index.

Design Vox Design e-zine from France. Designers, news (exhibitions, publications, competitions), articles.

DX: The Design Exchange Canadian site, with features, online journal, job listings, competitions, exhibitions, and more.