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Setevaja Academia Mebeli , about  project:

"Setevaja Academija Mebeli " mean " Furniture Internet Academy "- the   public systemic information resource on furniture problematics, designed for professionals of Russian furniture and woodworking industry. It is not educational institution, but usefull information tool for every day use.

Our  purpose - to allow Russian specialists the broad spectrum of reliable information mainly furniture production
and woodworking spheres
, including knowledge in fields of science, technologies,  equipment and tools, materials, fittings, marketing, exhibition activity, trade, etc.

Project designer - former director of the Centre of new technologies, investments and foreign economic ties of large Russian furniture association "Centromebel " Alexander Abushenko, Russia,  Moscow,  e-mail: aabu@ya.ru

Site materials, articles, the catalogues are executed  in Russian language

Fixed assets of navigation on our site are the site map, the introductory pages of divisions and the built-in retrieval machine "Yandex" with field to search on lower panel of each page of site.

    Main divisions of this project:

мебельный рынок Furniture market

вопросы дизайна и ассортимента мебели Furniture design

выставки по мебели и деревообработке Furniture exhibitions

мебельная промышленность за рубежом Furniture industry abroad

наука и технологии мебельного производства Science and technology of furniture production

оборудование для производства мебели и деревообработки Furniture and woodworking equipment and tools

конструкционные материалы и комплектующие изделия Furniture materials, parts  and fittings

древесно-полимерные и другие композиты Wood plastic composites

стандартизация и сертификация Standartization and certification

информационные технологии в производстве мебели Computers

патентное дело Patentology

полезные информационные ресурсы Info (various, magazines, useful links, etc)

The project is open for co-operation on reasonable basis with any enterprises and organizations

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